Play2Earn Auto-Staking

DeFi autostaking powered by the Binance Smart Chain.

999,999.99% APY 3 sec REBASE28800x per day

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Madrox Auto-staking Protocol

  • 999,999.99% APY
  • 28800x per day
  • Each 3 sec Rebase
  • Defi 3.0 Multi Chain Farming
  • Automated Burning Mechanism
  • Treasury Wallet
Join an expanding network of Web3 Dapps . Trade, develop, and provide liquidity in an accesible open-source marketplace. Get paid to help build the future.

In just one year and $1000 USD investment in $MDR

You can earn up to 9,999,999.99 USD.


Madrox Finance Tokenomics Explained

Liquidity Pool

4% of transaction fees return to the pool to insure $MDR as collateral


2% of sales fees return to the $MDR treasury fund.

Risk Insurance Fund

6% of transaction fees return to the staking pool to act as collateral.


Socialize, game, and earn for playing the newest games.

MADROX Play2Earn Games

Experience more than 10 games scheduled to release by Q1 2023

MADROX Lottery

Check back for our lottery schedule. Use $MDR to purchase tickets. 90% of the total $MDR deposited at the end of the round will be distributed to 10 ticket holders. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chance to win!
Coming soon!

MADROX Tic-Tac-Toe

Relive this childhood classic in the Play2Earn multiplayer arena. Check your ranking in the global leaderboard and compete for weekly and monthly rewards. Coming soon!
Coming soon!

MADROX Flappy bird

This amazing game will be playable around Q3 this year. A lot of work is already done, but there is also lot more to do. Once game goes live, you will be able to buy special birds as NFT and play game with them. Oh we missed multiplayer? No. You will be able to play this game in multiplayer mode with your friends and family.

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